OMD- 2008 Series

Oil-on-water monitoring and detection systems enable early detection and mitigation of water pollution events.

OMD- 2008 Series

OMD- 2008 Series

OMD- 2008 Series

OMD- 2008 Series

OMD- 2008 Series
OMD- 2008 Series
    • OMD- 2008 Series

    • The OMD-2008 Bilge Alarm Monitor was designed by Deckma Hamburg GmbH for use in conjunction with 15ppm Oily Water Separator Systems. The performance and specifications of the OMD-2008 comply with IMO Resolution MEPC.107 (49). The OMD-2008 Bilge Alarm Monitor is made up of 2 main components: The Computer Unit and the Measuring Cell. The Computer Unit contains the display PCB with the data logger and the terminals for external connections. The Measuring Cell contains optics and electronics and is connected to the computer unit via a data cable. The Computer Unit and Measuring Cell are mounted onto a stainless steel support that holds the Valve Assembly. The valve’s handle controls sample water flow and clean water usage. Separate mounting plates for the Computer Unit & Measuring Cell with Valve are available upon request.

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5 ppm + 15 ppm Bilge Alarm according to IMO Resolution MEPC.107 (49)






  • Robust construction



  • Automatic voltage selection & easy to operate



  • Solids suppression capability



  • Low maintenance & ease installation



  • Quick response within 5 seconds



  • Data logger with operating history of at least 18 months



  • Output signal available for driving a recorder/ ext. meter.



  • Compact design & lightweight (5.4kg).





0-30 ppm, Trend up to 50 ppm



According IMO MEPC. 107(49)



Up to 30 ppm better than ± 2 %



Graphic Display

Power Supply:


24 V - 240 V AC or DC Automatic Voltage Selection



< 10 VA

Alarm Points 1+2:


Adjustable betvveen 1-15 ppm (Works adjustment 15 ppm)

Alarm 1 Operating Delay:


Adjustable betvveen 1 - 540 sec. (Works adjustment 2 sec.)

Alarm 2 Operating Delay:


Adjustable between 1-10 sec. (VVorks adjustment 10 sec.)

System Fault Alarm:



Alarm Contact Rating:


Potential free 1 -pole change over contacts, 3 A / 240 V

Alarm Indication:


Red LED's

Output Signal:


0-20 mA or 4 - 20 mA, reversible ext. Load < 150 Ohm

Sample Water Pressure:


0,1 -10bar

Sample Flow:


Approx. 0,1 - 3 l/min. depending to pressure

Ambient Temperature:


+ 1 to + 55° c

Sample Water Temperature:


+ 1 to + 65° c



Up to 45°

Size (over all):


360 mm w X 240 mm H X 100 mm D

Degree of Protection:


IP 65



5,4 kgs

Pipe Connections:


R 1/4" Female



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